Female Fronted Melodic Metal

THE MYSTERY, founded in March 1996, baptized their style as Female Fronted Melodic Metal. In contrast to many who use this or similar terms, THE MYSTERY focuses on a warm, but powerful and rasping voice instead of opera vocals as it is done so often in this days.


As this trend was never up their alley, but much more the will to live their own style, the boys and the girl based their style on the 80’s feeling without sounding dusty or outmoded. It rocks with melodies, which drill in your hearing and are presented by the voluminous voice of the female singer.

Who once have seen the full-energy-show of THE MYSTERY, knows at its best why they stand on stage beside Bands like „Axxis“, „Primal Fear, „Brainstorm“, „Powerwolf“, „Majesty“, „Rebellion“, „Powerwolf“, „The New Black“, „Jaded Heart“, „Mob Rules“, „Gun Barrel“, „Tankard“ and many more – they rock and fascinate their audience – in local clubs, in the near foreign country or also in Bosnia, where they played in 2004 in front of a scenery of ten thousand people.

After two own-produced demo-CDs 2005 the debut album “Scars” (TTS Media Musik / ALIVE!) was released and was followed in 2008 by the second album “Soulcatcher” (LAR / Rough Trade / Intergroove). Another opportunity to prove their special position concerning „melodic female rock voices“, showed up for THE MYSTERY by contributing to the 2008 Pure Steel Records sampler „Tribute to Steel“ -  an homage to the german female fronted rock legend „Warlock“ & “Doro”, for which THE MYSTERY frequented the well known Woodhouse Studios by Siggi Bemm to record a cover of Doro Pesch’s classic „Bad Blood“. With the current line-up - Iris Boanta (Vocals, „Black Thunder Ladies“), Alex „Thunder“ Martin (Guitar), Stefan Weitzel (Guitar), Christian J. Rüther (Bass), Daniel Kahn (Drums) – the latest album “Apocalypse 666” was written and recorded in 2011 / 2012. For the perfect sound the mixing and mastering was handed over to the gifted ears and hands of Markus Teske, head of „Bazement-Studios“ (previously working for likes as Saga, Firewind, Vanden Plas, Spock’s Beard, Dominici, Mob Rules). “Apocalypse 666” was released in September 2012 by PURE STEEL RECORDS / PURE LEGEND RECORDS.